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helen is so inspirational 

I love you all

thank u I’m 98% in it for the monetary gain and 1.5% in it to be chauffered around and only 0.5% in it for the sex

can he get your internet friend emotionaldog a high paying job…

I have officially given up on trying to understand this kid I bet his family is involved in the mafia somehow

also apparently boy’s dad’s company expanded and their new HQ is in Brussels so his family is going to buy a…fourth house…there………………
who the fuck am I dating exactly

I need to find a clinical internship or something over the summer but I’m going to be in China/California until probably the end of July so I don’t know if there’s actually a point to doing so aHhHh stress
I guess my job now is a clinical-ish job right??? and I would’ve been doing it for 7 months before quitting so
maybe I can find a hospital in China to volunteer at for two weeks
they don’t care if people die there omfg the health care in the motherland is so shitty now

Anonyme said: I know you're going through a tough time right now and you might be struggling to find good things about yourself but things will get better. There are plenty of people who care about you and love you. Try to focus on the positive aspects of your life, even if there only seems to be a few. You're beautiful, inside and out :)

I always underestimate the healing power of words - this warmed my heart. have a beautiful day and thank you thank you for taking time to write this; I appreciate it so much. <3

love you too bby girl <3

word, same…on an unrelated note i’ve been meaning to tell you i love you for a while you’re so great helen, thanks for being alive i’m so proud of you, i love you a lot, your icon looks great with the hat also

you are the sweetest caleb thank you so much, I’m glad you exist and were able to tell me this because it honestly warms my heart and I wish you the very best day of all days and just life in general and the top hat suits you as well <3 <3 <3

your skin
like light.
i think you are
— nayyirah waheed