Anonyme said: are you ever afraid that your bf will leave you or that you will leave him?

I mean, everyone’s scared of that in some way (including me), but I don’t see any point in worrying about it too much. I think that if you let those kinds of thoughts grow, you’ll start to constantly doubt your relationship.

at some random ER because boy had a migraine attack and was throwing up but he’s okay now
I still have to go to work tonight though ahhhhfgrghh


If I dont respond to your insult it means what i wanted to say was too mean and I decided to let you live

Anonyme said: how deep are your feelings for boy and vice versa?

I feel immensely lucky to have him. if I were to talk about myself to other people, they probably wouldn’t associate with me anymore; I don’t blame them for that. I never understand how he puts up with me most of the time because I can get so obnoxiously pessimistic, though I’m trying to get better. as for how he feels, I don’t really know. but sometimes he’ll take my hand and kiss the scars on my fingers and I’m always amazed by how willing he is to care. he says he wants me to be happy. I don’t think I deserve him very much.

all boys i know LOVE having their hair played with because boys are puppies sometimes..

boys!! ♥‿♥ but boys ಠ▃ಠ

frenchgirlfriend replied to your post: “I like it when guys headbutt you while they sit behind you but instead…”:
yeah its so cute when they put their head on my shoulder too or put their head in my lap :)

yes!! and then you kind of scratch their head or play with their hair hehe I swear to god my boyfriend is literally a puppy he really likes this a lot

I like it when guys headbutt you while they sit behind you but instead of doing it repeatedly they just rest their forehead on your back
does this even make any sense idk it’s cute idk idk

best decision

tbh it was too cold yesterday for clubbing anyway :/ :\ :/ like no thnx

boy and I were invited to go clubbing last night with some friends but tickets were $50 regardless of gender soOo we decided to stay in and watch the first episode of the new season of GoT instead (-:

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